300hr YTT

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By exploring the deepest corners of yourself, you find the infinite power of your light.

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

A 300-hour yoga teacher training is an advanced training focused on advanced teaching skills. While the basic level 200-hour yoga teacher training is designed to lay down the fundamental concepts of yoga, the 300-hour training is designed to build upon the fundamental concepts and deepen your understanding of the practice, while advancing your teaching. In the 300-hour training, teachers prepare to teach principles and techniques that move into the subtle body.

Overview of Healsci's 300-hour YTT

  • Practice: "Unravel the Soul" into "Beyond Words"
  • Philosophy: The Yoga Sutras and the History of Yoga
  • Lifestyle and Ethics: Daring Greatly, Authenticity and Boundaries
  • Anatomy: Fascia Release, BodyReading and Palpation
  • Subtle Body: Chakra and Kosha Body Systems
  • Electives: Somatic Movement, Continuum, and Ayurveda 101

How long is the course?

Course runs for 9 weekends.  

Are there pre-requisites?

Their are two pre-requisites for this course. The first one is a 200-hour RYT. The second is the completion of 20 hours prior to commencement of the program. These hours can be obtained by attending class with Tanya, by watching her YouTube videos on Anatomy and Philosophy, or by registering for her Myofascial Anatomy CEU course, or her BodyRolling Training. In addition, we recommend taking as many classes at the shala with as many teachers as possible prior to the first day of training. Your are gearing up for an advanced training, the more prepared you come, the more questions you'll have, the more you will get out of this program!

What is the cost?

The 300-hour training costs $3,300. There is a deposit of $180 due as soon as you are ready to reserve your spot. Then 9 payments of $330 due each month, with a final payment fo $165 due on the date of graduation. If you have the resources to pay in full, you receive a $300 discount.

How are the hours broken down?

The hours are divided into teaching techniques, teaching methodologies, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, and Practicum hours. Below is a big picture overview of the curriculum. 

Techniques, Training and Practice: 120 Hours

Advanced asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation mixed between analytical training (in how to teach and practice the techniques) and guided practice of the techniques themselves. Both areas receive substantial emphasis. *Learn by doing.*

Teaching Methodology: 25 Hours

Communication skills such as group dynamics, time management, and the establishment of priorities and boundaries between teacher and practitioners. How to address the specific needs of individuals by propping, adjusting, cueing, demonstration, and assisting as an advanced teacher. Discussion of teaching styles, qualities of an advanced teacher, the student learning process, and the business aspects of teaching yoga including inbound marketing and legal matters (teacher vs therapists, how to collaborate with other health professionals, and when to refer out).

Anatomy and Physiology: 50 Hours of Lecture + 30 Hours of Application

Advanced Myofascial Anatomy, biomechanics, and advanced subtly body anatomy.The application of yoga anatomy to the yoga practice such as benefits, contraindications, and healthy movement patterns.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 40 Hours + 5 Hours minimum on Ethics

In depth study of Yoga Philosophy through the Yoga Sutras. Applications of Yoga Philosophy to the teachings of yoga and a yogic lifestyle. Ethics of a yoga teacher. Being of service to your community (seva).

Practicum: 30 Hours

Practice teaching. Receiving and giving feedback. Observing others teaching. Assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Total Hours: 300 Hours

Total Contact Hours with Lead Teacher: 280

Total Non-contact Hours: 20 (online videos)


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