A Love Note to the Yoga Teacher Within

Hi! For those of you that don't know me. My name is Tanya Siejhi. I am a Manual Yoga Therapist leading Yoga Teacher Trainings in Sarasota, Florida. My specialty is myofascial unraveling but my favorite thing to do is discuss the various realms of existence from the root of Consciousness to the experiences of chaos, and how they relate to the framework of fascia. This practice helps me unravel the soul, releasing the fascia around the heart and mind making space for clarity of thought and heart centered connections.


For the past couple of days I have felt a little disconnected, uneasy, imbalanced. Demanding myself to make serious decisions like how to grow my business. Knowing that I am the one labeling the experience as serious, yet feeling the sense of importance in the moment. Therefore, I asked myself to drop heavy into Svadhyaya (self-observance).


As the experience-er I have a blast. I am in the moment. I laugh, I *fit-in,* even blend into the environment. But as the observer, well, I can get a little critical, judgmental and harsh. Especially with *fitting-in* since *fitting-in* is detrimental to authenticity. Then I compare and analyze, which takes me off track and robs me of joy and happiness. Yet it is in this dark space, that my practice has the chance to be the strongest. In result, I remind myself to stay focused. "Don't puff up, don't shrink down, stand your sacred ground." When I finally do let get go of judgment and shift into compassion, I gain an objective view which helps me growth from a place of love.

A Love Note to the Sarasota Yoga Teacher Within


In the end (and I am saying this to myself more than I am telling it to you), don't be so hard on yourself. Love yourself. Observe yourself from an objective perspective, and always listen to your heart. Love the fact that your imperfections are the things that keep you on your toes, and push you to grow and evolve spirituall and emotionally. It's hard work and requires a great deal of awareness, but it's part of the journey. 


On this day, I chose the mantra Mangala Charan (Aad Guray Nameh). This mantra helps me calm down the chitta vrittis, by balancing out the Vata within. In doing so, I gain a sense of clarity which opens the channel of guidance from the higher Self to the lower self (both part of the human experience, like Yin and Yang). Chanting this mantra unravels the fascial membranes around the heart and mind making space for clarity of thought and heart centered connections.


Aad guray nameh. Jugaad guray nameh. Sat guray nameh, siri guru day-vay nameh. This mantra awakens the Divine spirit that resides within and beyond us. This vibration is the frequency we send out into the ether. In result, it is the vibration we receive in return. When our spiritual identity is awakened, we yoke the various realms of existence from the root of Consciousness to the sensations of chaos, and experience them as One. This expands our capacity for love, just like stretching expands our connective tissue and meditation expands the fascial framework. 

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