Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in Sarasota, Florida

We all know that yoga teacher training can be expensive, and this is becuase a lot goes into the development of these training programs. The name just a few things, the lead teacher spends a great deal of time writing and rewriting the content, prepare for hours to deliver the information, organize guest speakers to come and present, and meal prep lunches. However, Yoga Teacher Training can also be made accessible to all socioeconomic individuals. Read more and learn how.

Payment Plans

At Healsci Yoga School, we offer payment plans to everyone. Our goal is to see all go through the program, regardless of income. Since everyone has a unique financial relationship, we customize each payment plan based on the person's monthly budget. First we start by asking what amount can the student commit to per month. Then we ask how much the student can put down as a deposit. Once we have these two numbers we back into the number of months it will take the trainee to pay off their tuition. This way, everyone gains access to an affordable yoga teacher training course.

Tuition Waiver Program

If you have a skill set that matches one of our needs, we will mostly likely offer you a 50% Tuition Waiver option. This platform is available to those making less than $45,000, with an offering that can help us optimize our online visibility. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Coding in HTML5 and CSS3 (website management)
  • Blog writing (keyword specific)
  • Search Engine Optimization (keyword analysis and technical applications)
  • Social Media Optimization (implementation of inbound marketing strategies)
  • Proofreading (blog, website, and YTT manuals)
  • Marketing Support (implementation of inbound marketing strategies)
  • Social Media Support (replying to comments and engaging with customers)
  • Teaching Yoga *this option is available to RYTs 200 on our 300-hour track

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training

And there you have it! Yoga Teacher training is affordable. Simply ask for a payment plan! And if you think you can be of service in our Tuition Waiver Program, let us know! Excited to connect. Now click on the button below so we can have a conversation about it. For more information on what to expect in one of our yoga teacher training programs, click on "What to Expect." This article breaks down our curriculum:

 Click here for more info on Healsci's YTT!

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training


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