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Becoming a Yoga Teacher vs a Yoga Therapist

At Healsci Yoga School, we have been vamping up our yoga teacher trainings and are on the track toward becoming an accredited yoga therapy program!

Healsci Yoga Teacher vs Yoga Therapist, Sarasota, Florida

Main Difference between Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

The main difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist is amount of schooling and experience. A yoga teacher can be certified after 200 hours of training, while a yoga therapist must obtain at least 800 hours of training in advanced thereaputic applications.

Yoga Therapy Track at Healsci Yoga School in Sarasota, Florida

At Healsci Yoga School in Sarasota, Florida we are focused on training yoga therapists, which is why we only offer a 300 and 500-hour training program. To us, 200 hours is not enough time to train a teacher on track toward becoming a yoga therapist. However, if you are interested in our program but only want to commit to the 200-hour training, reach out to one of our affiliate schools!

YTT Pre-Requirements

The difference between a 300-hour and a 500-hour program are the pre-requisites and total amount of hours needed for completion. To enroll in our 300-hour program, you do need to be teaching as an RYT 200, but looking to pursue your RYT 500. To enroll in our 500-hour program, all you need is a desire to be challanged, a strong curiosity for yoking mind, body and soul, and a eagerness to gain wisdom through the study of myofascial anatomy, yoga philosophy, and meditation. 

500-hour YTT Year 1

The first summer session of lecture for 500-hour students serves as an introduction to various topics such as yoga anatomy, philosophy and meditation. During the first year, 500-hour students are simply asked to have an experience with the information, fully ignoring the understanding of the underlying principles. Rather, our intention is for 500-hour students to practice the art of being present. What does it feel like to observe, without the need to understand. Understanding comes later during the apprentice program and in year two.

500-hour YTT Year 2

In the second session of lecture, 500-hour students are held to a higher standard. During the second summer term, 500-hour students are required to engage in critical thinking discussions over topics introduced in year one. This structure holds space for students to reflect on what concepts have been fully grasped and which ones are left to be understood. As 500-hour students take a year to digest the information presented in year one, they connect the dots as they teach in the apprentice program. This experience prepares trainees to explore the theories again, from experience. With greater perspective, students tread the same waters with an inquisitive mind for deeper exploration. This type of leanring is what we refer to as the Socratic Method, where students learn from asking questions derived from missing pieces in their understanding of knowledge. 

Yoga Teacher Training Circle at Healsci

Yoga Teacher Training at Healsci Yoga School is offered every summer, with the circle made up of both 300-hour and 500-hour students. The 300-hour students graduate at the end of the summer, while 500-hour students proceed for another year of study while entering our teacher training apprenticeship program. During the year, our 500-hour students receive mentorship as they teach at our school. This opportunity holds space for brand new teachers to slowly absorb and apply the topics discuss over the summer lectures, which is a lot of information!

To learn more about our 300-hour and 500-hour programs read "What to Excpet" and visit "Yoga Teacher Traing in Sarasota, Florida." For Information on our affiliate 200-hour programs, check out Lemon Bay Yoga Studio and Amana Yoga Boulder

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