How are Yoga Teacher Trainings Structured?

Yoga Teacher Trainings are structured in many different ways. There are many schools that offer remote immersions, while others schools like to keep it local.

Remote Immersion

Many yoga teachers seem to love to take their first 200 hour yoga teacher training in a remote location, like Costa Rica. Removing yourself from daily living can be very liberating. No bills, no daily concerns, no worries about traffic or loud noises. Sounds great right! However, this is not the most ideal option for everyone. Remote training are significantly more expensive. They can run from 2 to 4 weeks long, so taking time off work is a requirement. It is not a vacation. It is a training. Most of the time there is no integration into a community after graduation.

Keeping it Local

Although the idea of taking a local yoga teacher training in your local town may not seem as alluring, there are many benefits. Typically, the cost is more affordable than a remote training, and most of the time there is immediate integration into the community. Also, the idea behind yoga is to learn techniques that optimize the human experience. Therefore, training while working and daily living, has huge benefits in regard to practice application. The down side, however, is that the programs usually last longer than remote immersions. Yt don't have to take time off work, which can be a deal breaker for many people.


Module Structure

Local programs also have many ways they can be structured. Some schools offer modules that are self-paced. You can take one to two years to complete your studies, and take the modules that interest you and fit with your schedule. the beauty of this structure is that it is very flexible. The downside, is that many trainees struggle to complete their training when it is spread over so much time. Plus, many people that are looking to study yoga, don't want to wait a whole year before they start to share.

Local Weekend Intensives

Most meet times for local programs are in the weekends with practice and teaching hours left up to the practitioner. Either the trainee has to complete these hours during the week during the training, or take their time to complete the hours after the official training hours have been completed. Some schools only meet once a month, stretch the program out almost a year. While other meet every or almost every weekend condensing the program into 2, 3, or 4 months.

Follow Your Heart's Intuition

All in all, is nice to reflect on all these options. When you are in bed at night, or alone in solitude, or during meditation, ask yourself, "What does my heart desire?" Keep asking your heart, until the answer surfaces for you. The heart always knows... presentiment.

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