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Hurricane Irma, The Teachings of Yoga Philosophy

My perspective is completely different from the majority. As it usually is. 


I like to believe it is due to the cumulative of hours, days, weeks, months, years spent in meditation. As the Dali Lama puts it, the highest states of Consciousness are those during the deepest of meditations, and how we gain our most intuitive forms of knowledge and wisdom. Today, my reflection of Hurricane Irma may push a few buttons, simply because how I see the world is distinct from how you see the world. But that is good! It is what makes us unique. I honor your view, as I hope you honor mine.

Creation and Destruction as Equals

As an aspect of Nature, with the right to choose for ourselves, we take accountability for our actions and choices. For example, when we set up traps for wasps, ants, cockroaches, insects and rodents, fumigating and killing them, we take accountability for the imbalance we created (or the balance we are working towards). This Consciousness thought is translated to the expression of Nature, when Nature takes an expression, we accept it as her work toward balance. Rather than reacting with confusion, we honor that we are all part of, and contributors to, the Whole. We create and destroy, like Shiva and Shakti. It is the natural process and order of existence. So why do we freak out when Nature does her work?

The Law of Karma

The reality is, that whether good or bad everything has a consequence, as stated repeatedly by my wise Acupuncturist. This is the law of Karma. Simple cause and effect. One domino triggers the next. The law of matter, energy and motion, as seen in Einstein's formula: E = mc^2. The difference between good and bad, a judgement from the finite mind of man. Yet, the Universal Source does not judge. To the Infinite, it is ALL Pure Energy manifesting into Creation, then transforming back into itself over and over again. This has been true since before the time of man and will continue to occur after.

How does this relate to Hurricane Irma?

In the end, it is all about how we see the world and how we choose to live in it. It is not about the specific events that happen to us, but rather how we EVOLVE form them. So this courageous storm called Irma, is a incredible expression of Nature teaching us a few important lessons about our human experience:

(1) Aparigraha

In Yoga Philosophy, Aparigraha can be translated to non-attachment. However, Aparigrahra really means a lot more than letting go. It means to know thy Self beyond what we perceive. In general, we are all too attached to our lives and the things it in. We are attached to titles, positions, status, money, people, and objects. We use them to identify our persona. Then, when they are ripped away from us we freak out not knowing who we really are. Irma is a beautiful opportunity to recall this lesson. At any point in time, everything, including our memory, can be stripped away. If this happens, will we have had a strong enough personal practice to sustain our sense of Self beyond what we can see, touch, hear, taste and smell? This is what is meant by non-attachment. The knowing that we are nothing and everything, simultaneously, to the Infinite, beyond the finite mind of man.

(2) Ahimsa

Ahimsa in Yoga means love, understanding and compassion. This one I feel most of you have down pretty well especially in a time of need. Yet, it is weird that it sometimes takes a natural disaster to bring us together, but it works every time! If you watch Game of Thrones, like my husband does, you may recall the Night Wakers. My husband told me that Mother Earth created the Night Walkers to bring humanity together, or cause self-destruction. How we approach our differences or choose to see our commonalities and Unite, determines the outcome in every Era! In other words, how we choose to handle ourselves is everything! Ironically, Ahimsa is one I am constantly working on.

(3) Svadhyaya

In Sanskrit, one of the common languages of Yoga, Svadhyaya means self-awareness. It is an imporant foci in the practice of Yoga and the foundations to Mindful Living. It is how we learn about ourselves, our communities, and our Existence. In Yoga, we believe that if we understand the smallest unit, we begin to understand the larger unit, because the Infinitely Large Unit is made up of various smaller units. As stated by my Ayurvedic Teacher Mandy Main, the Microcosm is the Macrocosm. This self-reflection is sometimes immediately understood by those that are ready. However, DO NOT be discouraged if this idea does not make sense right away. For the majority, understanding takes many lifetimes. So, it is through the practice of Svadhyaya that we progressively gain understanding of nothing and everything, simultaneously.

Climate of the Mind

Another way to put it is "Climate of the Mind." This weekend I was hanging out with my sister-in-law. She shared with me an online course on Holistic Management that she is taking. In the course the teacher mentioned "Climate of the Mind." I immediately feel in love with this saying. "Yes!" I said, "This is true for everything we encounter in life." It is not what happens to us, but how we "judge" or perceive it, and how we choose to overcome it. "Climate of the Mind" every damn day!

The Courageous Storm Called Irma

So, during this courageous storm called Irma, how will you react or choose to mindfully act? What will this aspect of Nature be for you? Will it be a time for self-reflection? Or a time for your community to come together? For me, it is a time to see humanity unite. A remembering that we are ALL part of the greater Force the sees creation and destruction as equal. Everything grows, then transforms back into itself. This is the Law of Nature, and has been true since before the human race, and will be true after our individual and collective existence.

Make Time for Svadhyaya in Meditation

May you be present, but recall that this is not the only realm of existence. My perspective may be completely different yours, but I honor your view, as I hope you honor mine. And for the sake of human kind and ALL of Existence before and after us, may all of us make time for Svadhyaya, because as the Dali Lama puts it, it is in the deepest states of meditation that we gain our most intuitive states of wisdom.

With a Great amount of LOVE, Namaste.

For those that are unfamiliar with the definition of Namaste, it means I honor you, as you honor me. ­čÖĆ

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