Massage Therapy Continuing Education - Shoulders

At Healsci we offer various weekend 16-hour continuing education programs for massage therapists. This particular program is the 16-hour CEU course on shoulders. Our focus is moving the healing/restoration process from the physical realm to the subtle body. It is our belief that healing/restoration cannot be left to the physical realm alone. For clients to have a complete healing/restorative experience they need to be guided into the subtle body realm, which includes tapping into the non-verbal communication, the breath, and the mind.

Doorways to Awakening Series: Vishuddha Chakra

Our throat chakra is the center of communication. Communication is the center for the facilitation of healing/restoration. Linda, will guide a discussion on Visdhuddha/Throat Chakra, followed by a restorative asana sequence and aguided meditation for the balancing, strengthening and flexibility of this energy wheel.

Wholehearted Living: Intuition and Faith

Our heart center is the connection between the Divine Universal Soul and the Micro Inner Soul. Through the heart we receive the messages of the Universe and how we connect to others on a Soul level. Tanya will lead an interactive discussion on the matters of the heart, how the heart is the source of Intuition within us, and how to use this theory to help your client heals. All grounded in loving faith.

Transformation + Success: Training the Mind

The mind is the second area to receive the messages of the Universe. When calm and collect, it is very skilled at interpreting the messages of the heart, which are the messages of the Universe. When taxed with stimuli, it has a hard time reaching it's Infinite Potential and starts to create it's own stories. When we train the mind, we sync it with the resonance of the heart, and the frequency of the Soul Universe. In yoga, we use mantra to train the mind.

Unravel the Soul Series: Arm Lines Lecture

There are four Myofascial Arm Lines that integrate into and out of the shoulder girdle. They are:
  1. Superficial Front Arm Line
  2. Superficial Back Arm Line
  3. Deep Front Arm Line
  4. Deep Back Arm Line
These arms moderate gross motor movement as well as stabilize the shoulder girdle. In this lecture we will review the anatomical features of each line including:
  1. bony landmarks
  2. muscle groups
  3. connective tissue structures (including ligaments and fascia)

Unravel the Soul Series: Arm Lines Practice

In this practice we will explore each myofascial arm line through bodyrolling techniques, mindful and intentional fascial stretches, visualization, and meditation. The lines come to life during the practice! With the anatomy base from lecture, this practice become a journey through the Myofascial Arm Lines.

Unravel the Soul Series: Arm Lines Discussion

This discussion is an in-depth dialogue about the Myofascial Arm Lines. During this interactive chat we will review tendencies, patterns, and dysfunctions common within the four Myofascial Arm Lines, such as:
  1. What happens in shoulder hyper mobility
  2. Why do we need to be mindful with shoulder hyper mobility
  3. How can we stabilize the shoulder through fascial stretches and bodyrolling?
  4. What motions are good to omit in individuals with shoulder hyper mobility?
  5. What muscle are concentrically and eccentrically loaded during shoulder protraction?
  6. What fascial stretches and bodyrolling techniques assist with shoulder protraction?
  7. What happens in a frozen shoulder?
  8. What are the phases of a frozen shoulder?
  9. How to "thaw" a frozen shoulder?
  10. What fascial stretches help with frozen shoulder
  11. How can we "thaw" a frozen shoulder through bodyrolling?

Pranayama Mantra Meditation

The 16-hour CEU course will end with a guided pranayama, mantra and meditation practice guided by Malia. These simple but effective techniques can be used on the table to help your shoulder clients tap into their Parasympathetic Nervous System. It is our belief that healing/restoration cannot be left to the physical realm. We must help our clients tap into the Parasympathetic Nervous System in order to have a complete approach toward healing/restoration.

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