Becoming a Yoga Teacher vs a Yoga Therapist

At Healsci Yoga School, we have been vamping up our yoga teacher trainings and are on the track toward becoming an accredited yoga therapy program!

Getting Back to Focus!

Let's face it! Even if you meditate every day, you are still prone to bouts of unease. In moments like this, here are a few simple techniques to help[..]

A Love Note to the Yoga Teacher Within

Hi! For those of you that don't know me. My name is Tanya Siejhi. I am a Manual Yoga Therapist leading Yoga Teacher Trainings in Sarasota, Florida. My[..]

Happy 4th from Healsci Yoga Sarasota

Independence Day is commonly received with fireworks and parties, celebrating America's history, government and traditions. Read on to see inspiration[..]

50% Work-Trade 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Sarasota, Florida

We all know that yoga teachers are one of the hardest working individuals on the planet, and a lot of their work is selfless-service. But many times[..]

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in Sarasota, Florida

We all know that yoga teacher training can be expensive, and this is becuase a lot goes into the development of these training programs. The name just[..]

What is an Affiliate Yoga School

Why Join the Affiliate Program?

To become a Registered Yoga School, a studio needs to submit a curriculum to Yoga Allaince for approval. But curriculum[..]

Massage Therapy Continuing Education - Shoulders

At Healsci we offer various weekend 16-hour continuing education programs for massage therapists. This particular program is the 16-hour CEU course on[..]

Wholehearted Living Gratitude and Joy

In order for us to feel a strong sense of belonging and value, we need to show up authentically, and we need to do it from a place of self-love and[..]

What is Myofascial Yoga Anatomy

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss Myofscial Yoga Anatomy with you as it is dear to my heart. Yoga changed my life, or rather it[..]