How will you pay for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training is awesome, but expensive. How to pay for school?

The Expense of Yoga Teacher Training

There is no denying that yoga teacher training is just an awesome experience. But it's obviously a big financial commitment. Most teacher trainings start at about $3,000, and that is just for 200 hours. Teacher training can cost up to $15,000, for remote or advanced studies. So how will you pay for training?

Payment Plans

Most local school will that offer payment plans, which can make the world of difference. Although most remote immersion request payment in full before the commence of the program, most local schools offer scheduled payment structures.


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Some local schools go a step further and also offer work trade options for students in financial need. This type of assistance requires that you have a skill set that matches up to one of the school's needs. Work-trade can be a huge relief to those that cannot afford the full payment of yoga teacher training.

Since we are a business, although a 501c3, we took the time to analyze what program cost in general. Check out the list below for cost averages for the various yoga teacher training tracks:

  • 200-hours $2,875
  • 300-hours $3,850
  • 500-hours $5,500
  • 800-hours $8,550
  • 1,000-hours $10,750

*Note: Above costs are associated to tuition only. Remote programs need to add cost of travel, lodging and food.

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