Sita, 11 Goddesses of Yoga Philosophy

Sita is the Goddess of Enlightened Renunciation and Devotion. She is fertile, beautiful, supportive, and virtuous. If you know Courtenay Leigh Smith, then you have encountered Sita!


After a hostile experience, Sita chooses to show her truth by walking into the fire. The fire blazes around her, but leaves her unscathed. Agni, the God of Fire, escorts Sita to safety declaring her purity. Sita's vow to Earthly beings, is the power of yoga. Through her devotions, she strengthens her siddhis (yogic gifts) and manifests love and peace.

Love and Ethical Development

Sita is known for her ethical development, which burns from her need to take care of others purely out of her sense of responsibility to those she cares about. Utterly selfless in her celebration, transcendence is her devotional offering to those around her. Her love is profoundly redemptive, and holds the quality of the Divine Feminine with the power to shed light in the darkest of corners. The love she has for every animal, plant, insect, and sentient being is seen in her spiritual practice and daily actions. Her ethical presence is her offering of love, even when love seems to have gone missing. Sita serves the Divine, by serving those around her.

Sita’s Sorrow

Although it may not seem kosher to see sorrow as a spiritual process, sorrow is intensely transformative. In a powerful practice of sorrow, this energetic quality helps tune into the mystical side of sacrifice. A passionate exercise that focuses on surfacing stored grief from ancestral experiences as well as from this exisitence. Without over identification, this ritual moves the body through intense cleansing and healing on the individual, communal and Universal level.

Sita’s Tale

In a story about Sita, pregnant Sita was banished from her city. She was sent to the middle of the forest after rumors spread of her disloyalty. Many years passed. One day, while hunting, Rama her consort, encounters twins who have grown up to be mighty archers. Intrigued by their skill and focus, he approached them to find his sons. Proud of his seed, Rama requests Sita to move back to the village. In front of Rama’s throne, Sita summons Mother Earth, “If I am pure and faithful, rescue me.” Sita yokes with her.

Rama, Sita’s Consort

Rama, prince of Ayodhya, is a man of transcendent virtue. His mission is to encounter an intense spiritual teaching with his Guru Vasistha. Vasistha reminds Rama of the reflection that we see with our eye, being a preojection of thought created by the mind. The lesson is to honor matter are condensed energy through the practice of yoga by:

  • Train the mind.
  • Cultivating a daily practice that is repeated continuously for a prolong period of time.
  • And commiting to Dharma, the cosmic law that unfolds as one walks and discovers their path through mindful and wholehearted action.

Other Names for Sita

  • Janaki (juh-nuh-kee)
  • Narayani (nah-rah-yuh-nee)

Invoke Sita for:

  • Support in conceiving and nourishing a child.
  • Cultivating unconditional love.
  • Cultivating patience. 
  • Tuning into Mother Earth and the Natural World.
  • Cultivating compassion.

Courtenay and The Acquisition of Soul

Courtenay Leigh Smith is the founder and owner of The Yoga Shack. Courtenay is incredible and an inspiring yoga teacher in Sarasota, Florida! The first time I met Courtenay, I was new to town. I was looking for a nearby space to practice yoga and found her class at Soul Sanctuary on Clark. At the time, she had just opened The Shack (downtown) with Alli Koski. In the past for years, The Shack has grown tremendously beyond everyone’s expectations (nice time to practice aparigraha). In my personal perspective, this manifestation is a reflection of Courtenay’s hard work ethic and her selfless commitment to the practice (Sita). Thank you Jessica LaFalce for the update on Shack’s acquisition of Soul. #InAwe

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