Transformation + Success: the Mind and Daring Greatly

Anatomy of the Mind

The mind is part of a field of consciousness. In this field, there are thought impulses flowing everywhere. If these thought impulses flow into the mind through any of the five senses, they are classified and recorded in the subconscious mind. How we perceive the world and react or cease to react, is shaped by what is stored in our subconscious mind. In other words, what we feed or mind, shapes our world. Or what we feed our mind, is what we project into the world.

Now, what we feed our subconscious mind can be intentional. So you have the power to choose what you store and classify in your mind. In regards to manifestation and projection, when mixed with emotion, feeling and faith, what we feed our mind the most with, becomes our dominating thought. Thoughts can be both conscious and subconscious. Just because we do not consciously think of something in the forefront of our mind, does not mean our mind is not thinking about it subconsciously. And what we think about most, our dominating thought, whether conscious or subconscious, becomes our reality/projection/creation/manifestation. This is why intentional mediation is soooo important for an intentional life of creation and positive manifestations.

It is extremely challenging to fully manage the subconscious mind all the time, because (1) it requires large amounts of energy, and (2) many of us are busy working, householding, parenting, wifing, teaching, cooking, budgeting, analysing, marketing, selling, sleeping, … and the list goes on and on and one. Yet we can manage what we choose to hand over to the subconscious mind. THIS IS A CHOICE!

Many spiritually and financially successful people have claimed that the subconscious mind is the connecting link between the finite thinking mind of man, and the Infinite Source of the Divine. It is the way that mystic beings and successful people have drawn upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence at will, on demand, when necessary. This may be called channeling, and is used to “step out of the way” and draw through you the Higher Power, the Higher Intelligence, the High Self, which is YOU! This is the SECRET to drawing into your physical plane, that which you *need* and wish to *create*.  

Some may be ready for this kind of contemplation, that extends beyond the finite thinking mind of man. When you are ready, you will comprehend (which is beyond comprehension), the significance of the subconscious mind to draw upon the Universal Consciousness for the power to voluntarily transmute both conscious and subconscious) thought into its physical equivalent. And you will understand the necessity to make this a practice that only strengthens with time, persistence, determination and FAITH.

Remember your subconscious mind functions voluntarily whether you make effort to influence it or not. Your lungs continue to breath, subconsciously. Your heart continues to pump, subconsciously, and your nerves continue to fire, subconsciously. Your subconscious mind is always in action as long as your human self is alive! Your subconscious mind will feed upon the thoughts that reach it through the five senses. Therefore intentional living becomes extremely important when wanting to project and create positive manifestations and reality. THIS IS THE POWER OF INTENTIONAL THOUGHT, ACTION AND MEDITATION, POWER BY FAITH!!!
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