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What is an Affiliate Yoga School

Why Join the Affiliate Program?

To become a Registered Yoga School, a studio needs to submit a curriculum to Yoga Allaince for approval. But curriculum writing requires a lot time, energy and hours! However, the affiliate program makes it easy for yoga studios to become registered yoga schools! The affiliate program with Yoga Allaince allows current studios to submit their applicaiton as an affiliate school under a primary school's syllabus, like Healsci Yoga School. 

What is An Affiliate Relationship?

An affiliate relationship is one between a primary school and an afiliate school. This relationship allows the affiliate school to use the syllabus of the primary school. Yet the affiliate school is still responsible for administering its own Yoga Teacher Training Program

Who is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a 501c6 membership professional and trade association that advocates the self-regulation of Registered Yoga Teachers and Registered Yoga Schools. The Yoga Alliance Registry is a 501c3 public charity and recognizes the Registered Yoga School and Affiliate Relationship. If the Primary School is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Allaince, an Affiliate School can become a Registered Yoga School under the Primary's School's syllabus.

How Does It Work?

The Primary and "Affiliate" School have unique names, Yoga Alliance IDs, online Directories, profiles, marketing strategies and logos. They receive independient reviews and ratings of their teacher training programs and have distinct identities. Although the Affiliate RYS must be affirmed by the Primary Registred Yoga School, the Affiliate holds the same rights ,benefits, duties and responsibilities as any other Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Affiliate Relationships are valid for one year and must be renewed annually by the Affiliate School. Certificates issued by an Affiliate Registered Yoga School include the name of the Affiliate Registered Yoga School. Yoga Alliance is not involved in the relationship between the Primary and Affiliate School in any way. All agreements between the schools are the responsibility of the two parties, and can be canceled by either party at any time. 

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