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What to Expect: Healsci Yoga Teacher Training in Sarasota, FL, USA

What to Expect

Our trainings are distinct, unique, and one of a kind. The main series for our Yoga Teacher Training is Unravel the Soul, where the human body is explored via the Myofascial Meridians. Through these lines yoga teacher trainees learn skeletal, muscular, and fascial anatomy. We then relate the myofascial body to the subtle body, literally unraveling the myofascial system through practices that end in myofascial release. This exposes the Infinite Creative Potential that resides within, out to the world. Practices include specific stretching techniques in yoga asana postures, crystal bowl sound healing, and trigger point / body rolling exploration. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings stem outward from here. 

Unravel the Soul Series

Unravel the Soul Series is Tanya Siejhi's anatomy course where each myofascial meridian is dissected into bony landmarks, muscle groups, and fascial connections. In this format yoga teacher trainees learn how forces are transmitted in the body during movement. Yoga teacher trainees then experience the line itself via yoga asana stretches and body rolling practices. This solidifies the understanding of Kinesiology (human movement) within the student's own being. For kinesthetic learners, this is one of the most effective ways to grasp the concept of myofascial meridians. In closing, common postural patterns are reviewed, and yoga asanas that help address these tendencies in each myofascial line, in an overall fashion, are discussed. This style of teaching provides yoga teacher trainees a strong foundation in myofascial anatomy. Our Yoga Teacher graduates are therefore very effective at guiding classes and private sessions that maximize overall well-being. This series along with our 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a pre-requisite for our Yoga Therapy program. 

The Myofascial Meridians:

Superficial Front Line

Superficial Back Line_Anatomy

Superficial Back Line_Discussion

Lateral Line

Spiral Line

Myofascial Arm Lines

Deep Front Line

Functional Lines 

Wholehearted Living Series

Wholehearted Living is about living your life with your whole heart. It means cultivating courage, compassion, self-worth, connection, love and belonging. It is a practice that follows Brene Brown's 10 Wholehearted Living Guideposts, which are listed below. In this series we explore each guidepost one by one. Dissecting each from a place of authenticity, bonding us as a community, and setting roots for Daring Greatly! Through this series we learn how to cultivate the guideposts in our teaching, in our life, and in our homes. This series, along with our 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training, is a pre-requisite for Yoga Teachers looking to take on additional studies as a Yoga Therapist. 

Brene Brown's 10 Wholehearted Living Guideposts:

Wholehearted Living Guidepost One: Cultivating Authenticity

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Two: Cultivating Self-Compassion and Compassion for Others

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Three: Cultivating a Resilient Spirit

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Four: Cultivating Gratitude and Joy 

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Five: Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Six: Cultivating Creativity 

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Seven: Cultivating Play and Rest

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Eight: Cultivating Calm and Stillness

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Nine: Cultivating Meaningful Work

Wholehearted Living Guidepost Ten: Cultivating Laughter, Song and Dance

Transformation + Success

Transformation + Success is a very important series. As yoga teachers most of us are entrepreneurs at heart, either marketing our own classes and workshops and/or marketing our business(es) that tie into our yoga practice. Whether you decide to actually pursue a yoga teaching career or decide to interweave it into your other business(es), positive thought, persistence, determination, equanimity, concentration, and autosuggestion (repetitive mantra and meditation) are imperative to your success. This is the focus of this series: how to get from dream to creation and manifestation! The power of mind over matter everyday!

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy is a compilation of stories told by yogis before our time. These stories are compiled by men who spent over 1,000s years contemplating the meaning of life, deep in the Himalayan mountains. These time-tested techniques and theories were written down into various ancient texts called the Vedas. Today a summary of the Vedas can be found in books and apps called the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali enlightens us on various aspects of yoga including the distinct levels of mediation, awareness and consciousness. As we navigate Yoga Philosophy through the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we awaken to the purpose of life, the purpose of existence, and observe the means of creating a spiritual life as a collective of human, animals and plants on earth. This exploration can be seen as a cycle, like the hero's journey, which is repeated over and over again. Each time growing and evolving a little more, and gaining a brand new perspective on life, existence and consciousness.

200-hour YTT

To become a yoga teacher, a 200-hour certification is required. Although we don't offer 200-hour trainings, our affiliate school do! Check out "What is an Affiliate School" for more information on Healsci sponsored 200-hour programs, where trainess are exposed to a preliminary overview of the above mentioned topics.

300-hour YTT

In the 300-hour track, yoga teacher trainees are asked to think critically about the theories mentioned above through advanced, in-depth discussions. After graduation from a 300-hour training, yoga teachers are eligible for the 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) designation.

500-hour YTT

For ambitious students, the 500-hour track can be taken in lieu of the 200 and 300-hour programs. The 500-hour program lasts two summer sessions. In the first year trainees are introduced to advanced yoga topics but are asked to ignore the full understanding of the underlying principles. Rather practice being with the information without the need of understanding. In year two, however, trainees are required to engage in critical thinking circles over the same topics, but from the different perspective that comes after teaching in our apprentice-mentorship program for one year. This structure prepares trainees to explore complex theories with an inquisitive mind for deeper exploration. Here, students learn from asking questions derived from the missing pieces in their understanding, like the Socratic Method. This lays down the foundation of learning for the rest of their lives. This experience is ideal for brand new yogis who are extremely intelligent and posses a strong desire to learn how to think outside the box, into the Infinite Potential of the yoga practice. Students enrolled in the 500-hour program, need to come prepared to be challenged!

Additional YTT Workshops

  • Doorways to Awakening Series by Linda Tambone

  • Social Squared Series (Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs) by Keisha Nichole Young

  • Ayurveda Series (Sankya Philosophy and Ayurvedic Herbs) by Mandy Main

  • Mudras by Vivia Astria

  • Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation by Malia Russel

  • YogaRolling by Margie Mansir

  • Divinely Feminine Series by Jessica LaFalce

  • The Subtle Body Series by Alli Koski

  • Brand Mapping by Alaina Andrews

  • Universal Flow by Mara Chanin

  • Yoga and the Chakras by Meg Metcalf

  • Mudras Redefined by Ginean Rapp

  • Alternatives to Rehabilitation by Heather (Joy) Shannon

  • Aging with Grace by Elena Morbini 

Capstone Presentations

For Yoga Teacher Trainees in the 300 and 500-hour tracks, a Capstone Presentation is required for graduation. A Capstone Project is a student's final project, comparable to a final thesis. Each student selects a topic to focus their studies on during their training. Capstone Projects are intended to help students find their passions and specialty niche topics which relate to ways they have found effective in train and yoking their mind, body and spirit with the Soul of the Universe. By graduation, those that have presented their Capstone projects have a 3 hour workshop, which they present as a series or workshop the following year to new yoga teacher trainees, and offer at participating yoga studios around town and throughout the USA.

Show Up and Let YourSelf Be Seen 

At our school our mission is to guide yoga teacher trainees on a creative path of Self-Realization toward full expression. It is our duty to see that graduates find a way to express their perspectve of yoga from their own hearts. We provide a strong core and understanding of myofascial anatomy, asana practice, yoga philosophy and meditation, but from here, we see that students find their own creative expression of how they want to share yoga with the world.

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