Wholehearted Living: Authenticity

Often, people try to have more money and more things to be happier. But the truth is actually reverse. When our intention is authenticity, we show up courageously. The high vibes of our work, take care of everything we need!

As seen in most of Brene Brown’s finding, authenticity is a practice. Like yoga, it is something someone has or has not taken on.

Most of us are drawn to warm, grounded and honest people. We aspire to be more like them, authentic. And yet when it comes time to show up, authenticity sometimes seems a lot harder to cultivate than originally intended. With a culture that dictates how we eat, workout, read, play, smile, shop for cars, houses, and clothes to “fit-in”, sometimes authenticity starts looking blurry.

Authenticity as Brene Brown defines it is:

*A daily practice of letting go of who we are “suppose” to be, to embrace who we are.*

Choosing Authenticity means:

  • Cultivating the courage to:
    • be imperfect
    • set boundaries
    • be vulnerable
  • Exercising compassion because,
    • all of us are made up of both strength and struggle
  • Nurturing the connection of belonging,
    • Because our sense of love and belonging is only as strong as our belief that we are enough
  • Inviting love into our lives,
    • especially when shame, fear, and guilt creep into our lives
  • Easing into joy
    • even when the joy is so intense that our fear wants to take us out of it
  • Soul-searching during struggles
    • to invite grace, joy and gratitude

Sometimes when we push barriers, barries push back. Pushbacks can be whispers, relationships struggles, feelings of isolation, gossip, and shaming responses. Apparently speaking out seems to be a big shame trigger, because authenticity is *not* the safe zone.

When we are risk-taking, trying something new, or sharing a creation, we open ourselves up to someone being the critic. And it is so easy to be the critic, point fingers, and pick out what someone is doing “wrong," because people we open ourselves up to people attacking what we value most: our lovability.

The practice is to step into the arena and see how beautifully hard it is to be Courageously Authentic, and remember the sturggle. Then, when someone else steps in, when can cher them and practice focusing on what they are doing “right." The thing we want most is to feel like we are being encourage to Keep Going! So let's to that for others, too.

This is courageous authenticity!!! And how we experience wholehearted connections!!!

Om Shanti, Namaste

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