Wholehearted Living: Self-Compassion

It’s really amazing when we let go of who we think we are suppose to be, and simply embrace who we are.

A Wholehearted Lifestyle take a practice of self-compassion, and asks us to embrace and love our imperfections, which are our truest gifts: Our Gifts of Beauty.

Self-compassion has three elements. Self-kindness, grounding humanity, and mindfulness. As defined by Brene Brown:


Self-kindness is being warm and understanding toward ourselves, especially when we are suffering, feel inadequate, are in chitta vritti (chaotic state of mind), in judgement or in anger. Rather than self-criticising or ignoring our pain, reactions, and feelings, we honor them, ease into them, then through then.

Grounding Humanity

Grounding humanity recognizes that suffering and feelings of personal inadequacy are part of the shared human experience. It is something that happens to all of us, instead of just her, or just me. Knowing and practicing “we are all in this together” cultivates courage, compassion, connection, and a collective self-worth.


is a balanced approach to negative emotions. When we feel sad, depressed, or anxious we neither suppress nor exaggerate our feelings. We acknowledge our pain, then * feel compassion for it.* Mindfulness asks us to love our imperfections more and more each time. The more we love our imperfections, the stronger our spiritual resilience will become.

Spiritual Resilient Mantra


I accept myself as I am right now.

I love myself as I am right now.

Through love I melt away sensation, right now.

I am being with what is right now.

I am at ease right now.

All Together, Right Now

Most of us really want an authentic life. It is the artwork of life, and how the light gets in. Our imperfections are not inadequacies. They are little reminders from spirit, that we are all in this together. Humanely and humbly imperfect, but TOGETHER!

Your ability to self-love is the strength of your self-worth.

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