50% Work-Trade 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Sarasota, Florida

We all know that yoga teachers are one of the hardest working individuals on the planet, and a lot of their work is selfless-service. But many times they are so busy giving, that thay forget to give back to themselves. And yet, giving back to them is one of the most important pieces of the cycle.

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Work-Trade, Sarasota, Florida


A 300-hour yoga teacher training program at Healsci is one of the best ways to treat yourself and add value to your work. Every weekend we sit in Satsang to discuss our unique truths. We love each other, and we support each other. Most importantly, the time you need to self-reflect, slow down, and self-love is held for you. However, unless you have another job, teaching yoga by itself can present challenges in regards to dishing out $3,300, which is the cost of the program. 

Work-Trade Program

Sarasota has a large population of incredible 200-hour registered yoga teachers, and we want to see all of you succeed and grow in your careers. Therefore we developed the work-trade option in order to make the 300-hour yoga teacher training program accessible to all, especially if you are makng less than $45,000 per year.

How it Works

The work-trade program asks 200-hour registered yoga teachers to teach one class a week at Healsci, covering 50% of the tuition. The remaining balance is paid through an affordable payment plan. This way your 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher designation is within reach!

What to Expect at in our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

At Healsci, we really encourage you to self express, and the "lineage" we teach is Authenticity. At our school we really beleive that we are all here on Earth to share our own expression of the Divine, a silver of the Infinite. Our goal is to support you along your path so you can shine your unique light.

At Healsci Yoga School we want to see all of you go through our training, so let's have a conversation. Click the "Contact Us" button below and we will get this is motion for you!

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