What Yoga Training Style is Ideal for You?

So much to learn, and many options to choose from.

The Beginnings of Yoga

Yoga began with a group of individuals that moved to the mountains and forests. They retreated from urban civilization because they felt there was another way to live. So they sat, generation after generation contemplating the props of life and human existence, in what we now call meditation. They passed along their findings, practices, and experiences from pupil to pupil. At some point these stories were documented. These documentations are today referred to the Vedas. The Vedas were built upon and eventually, these "yogis" began practicing asana. But asana came after philosophy, meditation, mudras, mantra and pranayama.

Yoga versus Asana

Today we associated the word yoga, with the word asana. But asana is simply physical postures. While yoga is the entire practice that includes mantra, mudras, meditation, philosophy and asana. So by now, I hope you can start to see how many different offering there are in the world. Yoga Teacher Training are wide and varied.


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Nine Internationally Recognized Styles of Yoga

There is an article I wrote a while back "Nine Internationally Recognized Styles of Yoga" which highlights nine schools of thought. Note that the title actually states "Styles of Hatha Yoga" but I chose to include yoga styles beyond the Hatha lineage for readers interested in understanding all that yoga has to offer in this country. Hence, giving you a prelude into the many styles and lineages yoga teacher trainings offer. I listed them below as well as a few additional offerings:

What Yoga Teacher Training is Ideal for You

Therefore, it is important to briefly understand each style. A general understand of each lineage will, at the very least, help you hone in on what type of Yoga Teacher Training you want to take. Some will focus on one style or lineage, while others will introduce you to many different offerings. Make sure to connect to the lead teacher and at least take one class with them. This is guide you in your decision when contemplating on what Yoga Teacher Training style is ideal for you.

Additional Reading

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