BodyRolling Workshop + Certification

Healsci℠ BodyRolling Workshop and Certification:

Learn the latest BodyRolling techniques for the ultimate Myofascial Release effect. Practice using bodywork tools to address myofascial discomfort, adhesion, contractual trigger knots, trigger points, aches and pains.

The 2-day, 16-hour Beginner BodyRolling Workshop cost $250. This course is geared toward anyone interested in learning how to address common aches and chronic pain in their own body. 

The 6-day, 60-hour Intermediate BodyRolling Training Course lasts 5 days costs $850, includes the online Beginner Bodywork Workshop. This course is geared toward professional, recreational and weekend athletes, massage, yoga, movement and manual therapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, fitness instructors, personal trainers, and physical therapists.

Both courses are lead by Tanya Siejhi, YogaRolling and Myofascial Expert.

Empower yourself and/or your clients to develop a deeper connection to the human body. Bodywork and BodyRolling techniques facilitate myofascial health, improve flexibility, optimize sport perofrmance, and relieve common aches and chronic pain.

This course covers:

  • Myofascial Anatomy

  • Palpation

  • Bodywork and BodyRolling Techniques