BodyRolling Certification

with Tanya Siejhi ~
BodyRolling Certification Sarasota 24 LMT and RYT CEU.jpg
We all have fascial restriction in our body. Yet, we are all capable of releasing and letting go. 

About this Workshop

The Myofascial Meridians, as proposed by Tom Myers, is a thoery that connects the muscular and soft tissue structures in the human body as they relate to human movement, holding patterns, and postural shapes. In this workshop you will learn about common imbalances within each line such as specific muscles that may be locked-short, locked-long, over stretched, or weak. Therefore, this course will give you insight on how to address dysfunction through general bodyrolling sequences that seek to improve posture, function, and comfort in the body, mind and spirit. Each class includes lecture, discussion, palpation, physical practice, and guided meditation. 


  • Saturday, February 17th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Superficial Back Line (forward folds)
  • Sunday, February 18th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Superficial Front Line (backbends)
  • Saturday, February 24th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Lateral Line (lateral stretches)
  • Sunday, February 25th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Spiral Line (twisting the spine)
  • Saturday, March 17th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Arm Lines (neck, chest, shoulders)
  • Sunday, March 18th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Deep Front Line (pelvis stabilization)
  • Saturday, March 24th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Full Body (neck-pelvis connection)
  • Sunday, March 25th, 11:30am, 3 hours, Full Body (yoking the lines)


  • $180 for RYT CEUs
  • $220 for LMT CEUs
  • $250 for LMT and RYT CEUs