Chakra Balancing Series 

with Linda Tambone ~
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Balancing the energetic body is a simple trick to feeling ease in the body, mind and soul. 

About this Workshop

This chakra series begins with a basic introduction into the chakras, and continues with workshops for each individual chakra. It also includes sessions for upper and lower chakras as separate groups, and ends with a sequence to balance and yoke the upper and lower chakras. The series will wrap up with a deep dive and chakra balancing class. Each session includes a discussion and a restorative practice tailored to the topic of the day


  • Sunday, Jan 14th Introduction to the Chakras and Chakra 1, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, Jan 21st Chakra 2, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, Jan 28th Chakra 3, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, Feb 4th Lower Chakras, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, Feb 11th Chakra 4 - Middle Chakra, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, Feb 18th Chakra 5, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, Feb 25th Chakra 6, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, March 4th Chakra 7, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, March 11th Upper Chakras, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, March 18th Yoking Lower and Upper Chakras, 3:30pm, 2 hours
  • Sunday, March 25th Deep Dive Chakra Balancing, 3:30pm, 2 hours


  • $180 for entire series
  • $22 for one session