Lexi Greenberger

Healsci Yoga Anatomy Teacher

RYT 500 and Professional Ballet Dancer

My role as a teacher at Healsci Yoga Anatomy + Bodywork is to share everything I learn and practice during Healsci's Yoga Anatomy Teacher Trainings. To help others cultivate a sense of self, an environmental and social awareness, and perpetuate positive energy for a better world.

Inside the classroom, my responsibility is to guide the Yoga Anatomy Practice in a safe and mindful way, educating my students about the anatomy of yoga so they can sustain a life-long practice. My intention as a Heaslci Yoga Anatomy Teacher is to help others attain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle so they can learn to appreciate the positive effect we can all have on the world.

Overall, I want to give my students and community a place to clear their minds and discover profound truths about themselves and the world, just as I did when I found Healsci Yoga Anatomy + Bodywork. I also want everyone to learn the techniques for a safe and fulfilling Yoga Flow practice that will keep their bodies functional so they can continue to practice as long as they live.

I deeply want those without awareness of their bodies to hear their own breath and learn to listen to themselves, understanding and gaining the ability to take care of their bodies and minds, stretching and healing their own myofascial system.

Outside of the classroom I am responsible for continuing my education on current yoga anatomy techniques and ideas, ever-evolving my practice. I am also responsible for supporting the community in any way I can, volunteering, donating, and helping Healsci's Mentoring Program for At-Risk Girls and Yoga For Vets Campaing. Additionally, I am personally responsible for making an effort to live an environmentally-friendly life, choosing eco-friendly foods, transportation and clothing.

Specifically, I want to take away the same thing I give my students - a lifetime of healthy movement. I also want to continue to find ways to connect with the world and create a positive impact with my positive energy.

"We learn, we practice, we teach. Surrender to evolution, then repeat." The mantra for Healsci students. There will always be more to learn, which we will practice until we know. Then we will share what we've learned, until we inevitable find a better way, at which point we start the process again. Each time, cultivating wisdom and understanding, an invaluable process in and of itself. Om Shanti Peace, Namaste.