This course holds the secret to Spiritual & Financial Success, teaching the lessons learned in "Think and Grow Rich" for a yoga business. Over the course of 16 days, you will be guided through challenging self-reflections, triggering evolutionary changes within, and preparing to transform into the person that is ready to receive. Be at ease within yourself and Succeed!

~ Start at the Beginning
~ Obtain Specialized Knowledge for Target Marketing
~ Organize A Definite Plan
~ Take Immediate Action
~ Cultivate Persistence, Determination and Focus
~ Imagine and Create through Infinite Intelligence
~ Set Your Intentions
~ Train Your Mind
~ Practice Faith for Success and Wholehearted Living

**Each video will be streamed on Facebook LIVE and made available on-demand, post-live stream. HOWEVER, ONLY those enrolled in the course will have access to live streams, videos, print material and quizzes. ARE YOU READY?

Yoga Allaince approved provider.
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