Yoga 4 Vets

The state of Florida has the third largest veterans population with almost 1.6 million veterans.
After combat and training most veterans return home torn, broken and damaged. They experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and loss of self and purpose. Veterans are trained to fight, but they are not trained to integrate back into civilian life after dismissal from the service.

At Healsci, our mission is to offer veterans the opportunity to regain their sense of self and purpose as civilians, while learning to cope with symptons of war through yoga and meditaiton.

Yoga has profound effects on brain circuitry. A regular yoga practice can bridge neural connections in the brain, fostering healing and a sense of renewed self. At Healsci, we sponsor the first three months of yoga for every veteran that comes to our studio shala. Here, veterans can learn the practice of yoga and meditation in a sacred space. After about a year or so, most veterans are inspired to take our yoga teacher training course.

During Healsci’s Yoga Teacher Training veterans explore various yoga studies such as philosophy, meditation and anatomy. Techniques that incorporate mindfulness, breathing, focus, creative expression, and journaling are used to show veterans how to cope with and shift out of negative emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, and loss of purpose. This training prepares veterans to live a wholehearted and purposeful life by empowering them to guide their combat brothers through a healing yoga class. Once veterans graduate from the Healsci Yoga Teacher Training, they are certified to teach yoga and meditation classes all over the world. However, most veterans stay close to home and guide and inspire their local veteran community through the practice of yoga and meditation.