Yoga Teacher Trainings

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What is a Registered Yoga School?

Yoga Alliance is the regulating body for yoga schools. A registered yoga school is a program that has been registered with yoga alliance and meets all the standars and requirements to offer yoga teacher training at their registered level track. Healsci is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour, 300-hour and 500-hour level.

What is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Traiing?

A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a basic level teacher training that cover the foundational concepts of yoga. Therefore a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training provides introductions into yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, a yogic lifestyle, and how to guide a yoga class. 


Who is eligible for a 300-hour YTT?

A 300-hour YTT is a training for 200-hour Registered Yoga Teachers looking to advance their understanding of the fundamental concepts of yoga. Hence, a 300-hour teacher training builds upon the basic principles taught in the basic 200-hour level, providing teachers advanced techiques to apply to their practice and teaching that are more detailed, specific, and subtler. 


Why Become a Yoga Therapist?

A Yoga Therapy Training is structured for Registered Yoga Teachers looking to integrate yoga therapeutics into hospitals, Chiropractic Clinics, Physical Therapy Centers, Yoga Studios, Yoga Schools, Yoga Therapy Clinics, Assisting Living Facilities, Private Practices, and other similar healcare and wellness facilities. A Yoga Therapy program covers graduate level yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, and the applications of yoga therapy to individuals based on assessment of the client. A Yoga Therapy Training is great for those looking to become a Yoga Therapist.